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    Kevin Carter 336-469-3651

    Mike Bovender 336-366-7577

    • What type of music do you provide? Do you take requests?

      DirtRoad Entertainment legally purchases all songs to assure the best quality in your music selection. We subscribe to a professional DJ music service, ensuring our library is always current. If there is a song we do not have in our library, let us know and we can purchase that song for you.

      We encourage you to browse our library to select the perfect songs for your event. We guarantee that we have one of the largest music collections in the Yadkin Valley with 20,000 songs in our library -including Top 40 hits, Oldies, Country, R&B, Beach, and Dance. We also offer "clean" versions to songs in our library.

      You can even create a “Do Not Play List” if there are any specific songs/type of music that you prefer not be played.

      We love taking requests during our sets. It does not disrupt the flow of our mices at all. We can incorporate the requests into our sets very easily.

    • Can you meet with the DJ who will be providing the entertainment for your event before you decide to book our services?

      Yes, we believe it is of the utmost importance for you to know that you've made the right choice by contracting with DirtRoad Entertainment. We encourage you to meet with us at a time and place that is convenient for you. Our DJs want you to be relaxed and ready to ask questions.

    • Will DirtRoad Entertainment provide a contract and event information form for your event?

      Yes, we understand every detail must be accounted for to make this process easy and efficient.These documents detail important information and issues pertaining to your event. It is a binding agreement protecting both of our interests.

    • Will our DJs get involved with your event?

      It's up to you! DirtRoad Entertainment takes pride in our professional ability to interact with you and your guests to the level that you desire. Our DJs are perceptive of the crowd‘s wants and needs and will utilize that expertise during your event to make sure everyone is having a fantastic time.

    • I'm having a small party in my basement. Is that too small an event for you to DJ?

      Absolutely not!

      No event is too small. At DirtRoad Entertainment, we do everything from a small event (less than 20 guests) to larger events. Each event receives the same exquisite service.

    • Do you carry back up equipment? What type of equipment do you have?

      We carry one back up for each main piece of equipment. This ensures that your event is never in jeopardy.                           

      Our equipment is state-of-the-art and industry rated:

      • JBL & Mackie Speakers
      • Yahama Mixers
      • Shure Microphones
      • Numark
      • Chauvet and American DJ
      • Epson & Hitchie Projectors
      • HP Laptops
      • OTS AV DJ Software
    • Do you have references?

      Yes. Please use our contact form to request a copy of our references, and we will be happy to send them to you. We also encourage you to visit our "Testimonials" page.

    • Why are your rates lower than the competition?

      At DirtRoad Entertainment we spend wisely. Rather than allocating a large portion of our budget to advertising, we instead rely upon word-of-mouth. Our satisfied clients are the best advertising in the business. To that end, we are able to offer the best and most competitive rates.

    • When is the best time to contact us?

      Anytime! Our website has a contact form for your convenience OR you may call/text us at 336-366-7577 or 336-469-3651.